12 Apr2023

Hunter Hotel Advisors Receives Top Broker Recognitions from the 2022 CoStar Impact Awards

Hunter Hotel Advisors (“HUNTER”) is pleased to announce recognitions from the Annual CoStar Impact Awards. David Perrin and Jatin Patel, Senior Vice Presidents out of HUNTER’s Atlanta headquarters, were both highlighted as 2022 CoStar Power Broker Individual Sales winners. The two brokers were recognized as the most active dealmakers in their market, playing a key role in driving HUNTER to its record-breaking year in 2022. Combined, Perrin and Patel contributed to HUNTER’s success with the sale of 118 assets worth over $1.3 billion. The execution of these assets has been the result of years of groundwork undertaken by both Perrin and Patel. Their respective skills, expertise, and market knowledge ensured successful closing of each transaction. 

“Both David and Jatin were instrumental in driving HUNTER to new heights this past year,” said Teague Hunter, President and CEO of Hunter Hotel Advisors. “They symbolize everything that HUNTER stands for and we are thrilled that they got the recognition they deserve.”

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