31 Jan2023

Teague Hunter, President & CEO of Hunter Hotel Advisors, Named 2022 ALIS Jack A. Shaffer Financial Advisor of the Year

Teague Hunter, President and CEO of Hunter Hotel Advisors (“HUNTER”), was named the 2022 Jack A. Shaffer Financial Advisor of the Year on January 24, 2023, at the 2023 Americas Lodging Investment Summit in Los Angeles. Each year the award is presented to the advisor who exhibits enthusiasm, drive, and style in the pursuit of putting the buyer and seller together through relationships. Teague has overseen a full spectrum of hotel transactions closing more than $15 billion in transactions during his 25 years at HUNTER. Teague led the company to its most successful year to date in 2022 with nearly $2.5 billion in sales. Teague’s knowledge of the global economy, combined with his local market expertise, uniquely positions him as the liaison between Wall Street and Main Street where he is able to advocate for the benefit of all parties.

“Teague’s ability to think strategically has allowed him to understand the bigger picture when assessing the needs of his clients.” said Bob Hunter, Founder of HUNTER.

Teague’s philosophy of “relationships drive results” reigns true both at the closing table with clients and at the office among the HUNTER team. With just 12 brokers nationwide, HUNTER is a fraction the size of competitors but manages to consistently close the same, if not more, volume. Following the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Teague maintained the stability of HUNTER, refusing to downsize the team. Teague remained the anchor and grew the company with almost no turnover in the years since.

Beyond the closing table, Teague dedicates his time to educating and connecting the hospitality industry through his podcast and accompanying video series, Teague Talks and Teague Walks, as well as assisting the HUNTER team with one of the industry’s most important and respected hotel conferences, the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference. HUNTER continues to give back under Teague’s leadership by providing endless opportunities for education and mentorship to students for the goal of preparing the next generation of hospitality leaders.

“I am very fortunate to have a father who provided a platform to build, create, and grow the HUNTER name. This recognition was years in the works and represents not only my work but that of the entire HUNTER team. I’m blessed to be surrounded by such amazing and talented people that inspire me every single day. We are excited to push ourselves to new heights and look forward to continuing to serve our friends in the industry,” said Teague Hunter, President and CEO of Hunter Hotel Advisors.

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