05 Apr2021

The 32nd Hunter Hotel Investment Conference Partners with CLEAR for Safer Conference Experience

The buzz of in-person events is on the rise and the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference is leading the way as one of the first industry conferences to return in 2021- taking place Monday, May 10th through Wednesday, May 12th. The Hunter Conference will be utilizing CLEAR’s Health Pass for the seamless COVID-19 screening of attendees.  

Health Pass is a free, mobile experience on the CLEAR app that securely connects a user’s verified identity to multiple layers of COVID-19-related health information to help reduce public health risk and get people back to what they know and love. Prior to arrival, all conference attendees will use CLEAR’s Health Pass to take a real time health survey and use CLEAR’s integrated temperature checking kiosks to complete their Health Pass for an expedited and seamless entry.

“I can’t imagine a safer way to welcome everyone back to the Hunter Conference. Our partnership with CLEAR will add another layer of protection and provide additional comfort to our attendees.” said Lee Hunter, Chairman of the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference.

“We are excited to work with the Hunter Conference to create a safer experience for the attendees and continue to help bring back conferences across the country,” said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker. “Whether travel, sports, or conferences, our technology is helping get people back to what they know and love.”

More than 60 organizations across the country use Health Pass to create safer environments, including teams across all major sports leagues, MGM Resorts, and many more.

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How It Works: Health Pass Makes It Easy to Create Safer Environments

Enroll, Verify and You Are Good to Go.


  1. Download and Enroll Prior to Arrival: Attendees are to download the free CLEAR app, open the Health Pass feature, then enter HUNTER’s Organization Code.


  1. Health Survey: Before entering the venue, attendees open Health Pass on their CLEAR app, verify their identity with a selfie, and then answer a few health survey questions.


  1. Touchless Access: Attendees then approach a CLEAR kiosk, where they receive a temperature check, and scan their QR code to share their health insights. Depending on their COVID-related health information, attendees are issued a red or green notification on their Health Pass app.


  1. Privacy First: With CLEAR, you are always in control of your information. The venue only receives confirmation an attendee has satisfied the requirements for access with the equivalent of a red light or green light signal — and never has access to an individual’s private health details.



CLEAR is a leader in identity and access, with more than 5 million users and 55+ locations across the United States. CLEAR links identity with different information sets, including: credit cards, tickets to the game, reservations, frequent flyer numbers, flight manifests, health care identification, driver’s licenses and passports. CLEAR’s data security framework meets the highest standards for performance and for protecting sensitive information — FISMA High and SAFETY Act-certified by the Department of Homeland Security. CLEAR’s users are always in control of their data and CLEAR does not sell user information. To learn more, visit

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